Happy Birthday Foodcrush

Foodcrush....... that's what I get for reading a little article in Food Arts magazine about the new age of "blogging". Your very own digital soap-box to stand on in a virtual world.
Blogs can be about anything, but they should always be about something.

In the past year, I have not "blogged" as much as I planned to, yet the recipes, photos and commentary that is on Foodcrush is as much about quality, as it is quantity.

I hope you have enjoyed the content thus far. I will continue to make Foodcrush a place where you can peruse the latest recipe, get a dinner idea, research similar websites, and most of all, find inspiration and discover your own "crush" whatever it may be.

Bon Appetit
Lisa Marie
Sept 16, 2008

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A dedicated foodie, with a passion for the best food. Favorite food crushes include; Cheese, Wine, Breads, Seafood, anything made with eggs, ...there's actually no point in a list, there isn't much out there I don't have a crush on. Transplanted from the Northeast at age 18, a whole new frontier of food was opened up to me. I have fished for Salmon, hunted for mushrooms, cracked open fresh oysters from the sea and devoured them on the spot. Figs, pears, peaches, so many indigenous jewels! I dedicate this BLOG to the endless variety this region provides. My hope is to live here for a very long time & continue to discover and experience it's unique bounty! Alas, my life has now taken me to Cincinnati, OH where the food culture is like none I have ever experienced.


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