Real Food Returns

However intriguing the trends of 2007, I sense a longing for real food. Foams, edible paper, and surprising tastes are adventurous, but how long can one sustain adventure? Real food is comforting and soul satisfying.

2008, is the year of local food. In a few months Spring will herald the return of the local farmer's market. I urge you to take the time to visit and purchase. Support the folks who have our best interest and health at heart. Speak with your dollars, happily pay just a teensy bit more for the lettuce picked this morning. Farmer's markets are fast becoming the future, as opposed to a piece of nostalgia. While the FDA insists there is nothing wrong with cloned milk and meat, I am hesitant to accept their assurances. I enjoy the simplicity that is home grown and artisan produced food.

1. Plan to visit the Farmer's market when it opens,that's when the selection is at it's best.
2. If you are concerned that local food is more expensive, it's really not. You are investing in your health. You may save money on a few doctor bills.
3. You are supporting food that has travelled just a few miles, consuming many less gallons of fuel, than what you find in the grocery store.
4. Local food purveyors are fun, interesting, intelligent, social folks. The benefit of these friendships is everlasting. Not to mention tasty!
5. Your children will see you caring about what you put on the dinner table. You may just get them interested enough to try a new fruit or vegetable every week! When carrots become candy, you know you there's hope!

As the farmer's markets unfold this year, I will be taking advantage of the bounty. The freshest berries. The ripest produce. Hand made Artisan breads, pies, honey and cheese.

2008.......Real Food returns

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